It’s important for product owners to understand the role tech debt plays in a healthy and successful product. While end users are focused on the features they interact with, and are less concerned with what it takes to keep a product functioning, product owners have to balance the needs of end users or customers and the well-being of the tech powering the product.

At Fearless we think of tech debt as development tasks that for any number of reasons, will have to be worked on at some other time. Tech debt isn’t a necessary change or need like a story…

Have you ever felt sick, Googled a few of your symptoms, and then instantly diagnosed yourself with a deadly condition?

We’ve seen the same pattern with customers. They come to us with their symptoms or issues and then in the next breath give us the solution they want, for the problem they decided they have.

And while there definitely is a problem and we recognize the pain points happening, it is critical to treat the root cause of an issue, instead of only addressing the immediate symptoms.

Approaching a project or product with a more holistic mindset is a part…

A guest post from Fearless Software Test Engineer Alex de los Reyes

Risk isn’t something people usually want to associate with a product or service they’re developing. No one wants to hear that their application is risky, or there is a list of risks linked to their project.

But risk is inherent in everything. Certain things are inherently higher risk than others, but it’s better to address risk during development than when the risks are turning into problems for users.

As a test engineer, I don’t want people to view software testing as an annoying and unnecessary step. Testing should…

Fearless COO John Foster at Fearless HQ
Fearless COO John Foster at Fearless HQ

A guest post from Fearless COO John Foster

Digital equity means providing everyone with what they need on an individual level to succeed and thrive in the digital world we live in.

Everyone requires different things, and that means different approaches need to be taken to close those gaps. Individual success for all can only happen when large entities like the government and the private sector take an active role in closing the digital divide.

Through our work with the government, on both the local and federal level, we sit at the intersection of the public and private sectors. …

A guest post by Fearless Product Manager Jesse Alton

When and why should you build a prototype?

I encourage you to think of prototypes as tools. They come in many different flavors, based on the problems you are looking to solve, and instead of being the solution, prototypes are part of the journey getting there.

You should start building a prototype on the first day of a contract or engagement, instead of presenting a prototype on the last day as a marker of the project’s success.

A day 1 prototype definitely won’t be perfect but you’ll be able to pull information from what the team comes up with…

Tech is for everyone: Tochi Iheagwara
Tech is for everyone: Tochi Iheagwara

The extra time at home during the pandemic means Tochi Iheagwara has been able to do a lot of home improvements. She designed a patio, built benches for her deck and is looking to see how else she can keep busy.

Home improvement projects may be new to some people during quarantine but building and creating is nothing new for Tochi.

“I used to watch the DIY show Hometime as a kid. I remember watching that show and thinking, ‘I’m gonna design something like what they’re doing’”. …

illustration of people working on a large computer representing digital transformation
illustration of people working on a large computer representing digital transformation

Transformation is an evolution. All organizations and people are constantly evolving in their journey. As people grow older, they get wiser and hopefully you can say the same for your organization as it matures.

The concept of digital transformation can be scary for organizations that have well-established processes or may not consider themselves tech-focused. But digital transformation is for everyone, Fearless meets organizations at every level to help them transform.

This is how Fearless defines and talks about digital transformation:

The way people interact with products and services has changed, and new capabilities offer modularity, security, and accessibility.

The delivery…

A guest post from Fearless scrum master Anneliese LaTempa. At Fearless we focus on the whole team member, not just their performance on a project. Thank you to Anneliese for sharing and striving to help others conquer Impostor Syndrome.

What the heck is Impostor Syndrome?

Although it sounds like the latest buzzword, Impostor Syndrome (IS) is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments, and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud. (The Chest Journal has more information on IS)

When I began opening up about my own struggles with IS…

illustrastion of government buildings
illustrastion of government buildings

Since moving to Baltimore City in 2016, Fearless has grown from a company of 15 to 130 and counting. We see each new person who joins our company as representing a family and ecosystem in our broader community. We pride ourselves on hiring a talented, empathetic, and diverse workforce locally, but this can be especially difficult in Baltimore where the pool of qualified potential candidates is limited and not representative of the diversity in our city.

Unfortunately, census data from 2018 showed that 75,000 households in Baltimore City did not own a computer. This is approximately 30% of the population…

Jordan Ginn, Talent at USDS
Jordan Ginn, Talent at USDS

Jordan Ginn wants to know his work is making an impact.

Whether it was his time teaching English at a South Bronx high school or now recruiting the technologists who are building the platforms that shape our government, making the world a better place has always been a requirement for his career.

“If I’m going to spend 8–12 hours a day working, I want what I spend my effort on to mean something beyond a paycheck.”

After graduating from the University of Washington and moving to New York City to join NYC Teaching Fellows, Jordan spent two years teaching at…


Hi, we’re Fearless, a full stack digital services firm in Baltimore that builds software with a soul.

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