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A guest post from Fearless’ Director of Design Jordan Watts

What is DesignOps?

At Fearless, our design practice is known for two essential activities. The first is creating clarity about the problems people face. Often these are people that use or provide government services, or build and own civic and government technology. The…

A guest post from Fearless Strategic Projects Specialist LaToya Staten

This summer I joined the Maryland Tech Council’s board to chair the ​​Technology Inclusivity Initiative (TI2). …

“What did you do on your summer break?” is a pretty common question.

If anyone asks UMBC senior Darren Mirano how he spent his summer, he can very easily show them.

A few clicks in the official Github repository for

A guest post from Fearless Site Reliability Engineer Charles Bushong

For my team, it can be really hard to keep up with the breakneck pace of technical innovation in software development. Every year there are new innovations and practices and processes that seemingly revolutionize the way we do business. And…

A guest post from Fearless’ Director of Engineering TJ Famodu:

DevSecOps, like many engineering terms, is thrown around a lot because it is very trendy in tech right now. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand what DevSecOps means and what it truly does.

To start, DevSecOps is not a role or…

A guest post from Fearless National Security Portfolio Director David Simeon.

Every year federal, state, and local governments in the United States collectively spend $3.5 trillion on contracts. A government contract can be transformative for a company and its community, but in my years of working in and with the…

Sometimes all it takes is one person or one example to get you thinking about what your future could be.

For Jamila Lindo, it was her high school chemistry teacher.

“He said I was good at science and math and he encouraged me to try a summer engineering program for…

Fearless team members Luke Samuels and Michael Knoll

A guest post from Fearless software engineer Michael Knoll. Michael is our resident in-house game developer. He created the Fearless Match Game as a test of player’s memory skills and a way to get to know new team members. His new game Lit-tac-toe uses

Like most developers I have…

It’s important for product owners to understand the role tech debt plays in a healthy and successful product. …

Have you ever felt sick, Googled a few of your symptoms, and then instantly diagnosed yourself with a deadly condition?

We’ve seen the same pattern with customers. …


Hi, we’re Fearless, a full stack digital services firm in Baltimore that builds software with a soul.

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